Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can I contact to learn more about the Corporate Games?

    Julie Howell at (502) 587-6742 or jhowell@louisvillesports.org.

  • Do we have to have a team uniform?

    No. However, we strongly suggest that teams dress alike — t-shirts rule the day. When your team shirts are the same color, our volunteers can easily tell teams apart. In 2024, teams are encouraged to design their t-shirts using a Team USA theme in support of the 2024 Summer Olympics.

  • Will recovery refreshments be available?

    Yes. The LSC will provide hydration stations with water and PowerAde throughout the Kentucky Country Day’s campus.

  • Does everyone on our Good Sport teams need to be present to compete in the contests?

    We encourage that everyone from a team participate in the Good Sport contests to help your company score extra points, but it is not required.

    Our judges will be evaluating the Trilogy Health Services Team Tent Contest between 9-11 a.m.; Team Selfies must be taken during the event; the Team T-shirt Contest will be judged after competition has completed (minimum of 10 team members must be available for judging). The Sports equipment collection and food drive is to be done off-site at a company's physical location. The team captains are to show a photo of the sports equipment and/or food for points. The LSC will pick-up donations the week following the LCG.

  • Do you need a full team to participate in each event?

    We highly recommend competing as a full team (the number of team members may vary depending on event). All competitions are co-ed, however if your team does not have the required number of male and female participants, teams can still compete. The ratio of male-to-female will need to be adjusted accordingly.

  • Can our Tug-of-War participants wear cleats?

    No spikes, cleats, studs, hobnails or other metal fittings will be permitted, including soccer or football shoes with rubber cleats. Gloves are permitted, but will not be available by event management. It is recommended that those on your tug-of-war team bring a long-sleeve shirt to wear during competition.

  • Can youth sports equipment be donated on event day?

    No. We ask that companies collect donations at their place of business in the weeks prior to the LCG. The Louisville Sports Commission will pick up these donations if requested.

  • Can participants compete in multiple events?

    Yes. Participants are encouraged to compete in as many competitive events they would like.

    However we recommend that participants choose just one of the seven bracketed events in which to participate. Since bracketed events are tournament-style, competition start times will vary depending on how quickly previous event(s) are completed and there could be overlap. If a participant chooses to compete in multiple bracketed events, it is the responsibility of each participant to ensure competition schedules are not conflicting.

  • In how many bracketed events can we compete?

    Companies can enter teams into eight of the 10 bracketed events.

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